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Charleston hen party fun!

Another Charleston dance hen party in London

Images from our Vintage Photoshoot Parties, Vintage Musicals Parties and Charleston Parties (all images by Catherine Hadler of Vintography)

A Charleston showgirls hen party

Charleston Flashmob at The Big Day Out Festival, South Hill Park Arts Centre

The Advanced Charleston Class perform at the Dancia Showcase 2010

Clips of our Charleston vs Breakdance Dance off!

(The Vaudeville Rave, 13th Feb 2010, members of the Charleston dance class from the Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading)


1. Two girls in tassled dresses perform shimmy and snake hips moves (in battle with two male acrobat/ breakdancers).

2. A couple from the class perform at the Vaudeville Rave.

3. The couple take solos

4. Solo charleston improvisation - taking the mickey out of the break dancers!

5. Boys' dance with hats

© 2010 Kim-Lin Hooper.